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four years on...



Those mysterious BATTLEGODS can't get enough - they've raised another 5 domes, all of them ripe with monsters and ready for anything! Anything.

As ever, the MONSTERDOME ANNUAL provides. From the dignified ALTERED to the obsequious ZLEEVEZ, you'll be set for your own adventure in the land of monsters! Go on. This is what you deserve.

Explore exotic destinations, like:

  • DEEPDOME! This freshly-dredged abyssal plain is teeming with things that should never have seen the light of day - and the seafood is to die for!
  • TINYDOME! Step inside the smallest and most precious bauble of the gods - but mind the slugs.
  • BEAUDOME! Need some you-time? The beautiful trainers and beasties in this courtly dome know just how to "beat your mug" and "lay you out".
  • NOTEDOME! Live concerts are this buzzing dome's speciality - we won't be liable if you end up lost in the music!
  • MOONDOME! Our newest acquisition - get away from it with our all-inclusive orbital package. It'll take your breath away...

"MONSTERDOME ANNUAL 2019" is the third Monsterdome artbook and the sequel to "MONSTERDOME ANNUAL 2018" and "MONSTERDOME ANNUAL 2017", commemorating four years of monster-craft by your friend and my me, Polymer Despair.


  • 53 pages - including a guide to the monster elements, info on monstrous evolution, and the meaning and making of a "monster"...
  • 100 original monsters, each with a lovingly-crafted sprite, a description, an elemental typing and its own moves! Find your favourites!
  • 5 domes, expanding the wonderful world of Monsterdome! Could your monsters conquer those of the haughty DOME MASTERS?
  • MY thanks, to you, for getting this book and supporting my favourite thing - making monsters...

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Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Authorpolymer despair
TagsArt Book, Creative, monster-design, Monsters, Pixel Art, Spooky


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