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a medium-length twine from POLYMER DESPAIR


You're sick of human dating, sick of four limbs and mammalian features. You want to take a walk on the infernal side. So you make an appointment with your local DEMON DATE advisor, and what happens next changes your life, or at least your plans for the evening.


  • 1 harrowing encounter with a monstrous matchmaker
  • 4 "routes" to true love, or a convincing fake
  • 12 demons, looking for love and adjacent emotions
  • 12 dates to go on
  • 1 YOU to go on those dates!!


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DEMON DATE 1.2.1.html 419 kB


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When you complete all the dates, there's supposed to be a video you could watch, but the account associated with the video was terminated. Is there someone out there who could tell me what the video was supposed to be

The type of script sometimes becomes a bit of confusing... (with all those non-capital-letters and no distinction between conversation or the narration)

But the "date"  itself is lovely enough even hilarious tale of the MC and the respective demons (and a little bit ironic that their case is the demon likes the Player Name but the Player doesn't or vice versa  :'D )

I was really looking forward to playing this, but for some reason the game won't open up ;-;

hmm - it should work on all browsers, but, you could try opening it in google chrome? that's what i tested it (and what im sure it works) o

Thank you! It worked through google chrome. It's a really cute game, I wish I could contribute some money. Also, the beginning oddly reminded me of Homestuck for some reason.

Honestly, Hir Atz Mar was my favorite. That's all I wanted to say. Thank you for making this game.

Deleted 265 days ago

it is available for windows! it's all one html file, so it should be compatible on... everything? i think

Deleted 265 days ago

omg i wish this was on windows :((((((((

oh it is!! sorry, the platforms list isn't filled out since it's html and should work on - everything? i hope

ohh omg thank u im sorry im new to this so i didnt know that!!! thanks so much <3