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Couldn't you have published an e-book of that?

You tried to keep the story general, but I think the main character is female, isn't she?

Very nice story. One could almost imagine a film adaptation. Could the texts perhaps be translated into a few other languages?


Thank you for your comments! I will answer all of your questions in the same reply.

Regarding other languages and publishing this as an e-book - I choose the Twine format because I had the most experience with it, and because it allowed me to easily include elements like the in-line images, headings, and the gallery.

I would have to extract and re-format the text from the source code in order to present it for translation, or to re-publish it as an e-book. I do not have any plans to do so at this time.

As for the gender of the protagonist - I think it’s very interesting that you interpreted them as a woman! I drew on my own dating experiences (with regular human men, not giant bats, alas) as an AMAB non-binary person while writing, and it is written as gender-neutral, as you said.

Uh...I think you can know my question by my user name



This twine is written in second-person perspective, i.e. “you did this/that”. The viewpoint character is an insert for the reader and the narration/characters do not use gendered pronouns in relation to them, so you can interpret them and their relationship with their bat-ified boyfriend as you like!

i finished reading this an hour ago and im still shook. incredible. i will definitely be perusing the other stories by this author!

'tis was fun to read!

Bats rock!


I bought the game twice and got the receipt confirmation from paypal but I can't download the twine and nothing's showing up in my email.


This was a lovely read, enjoyed it wholeheartedly.

It did not seem to have any choices or interactivity, just a linear story, I didn't miss something right?

Also I don't remember any shorts being lost either, why'd you get my hopes up for some bat lovin'  and then betray me like that, man...

As for criticism, there were some very rare typos or repetitions, but overall it was way above average in my opinion. The story was good, the worldbuilding was decent - a but confusing at times, as some locations weren't described too well, and some things felt rushed or not explained too well, still have no idea where the enemy in the end came from or how he knew everything he knew.

Anyway, lovely story, some very much adorable art pieces on the chapters (in contrast to the... other ones) and I am going to recommend it to anybody that has a fancy for lovable bat boys.

no bad lovin'? 


Hi, I bought this yesteday, the transaction went through, but it's still not showing in my library...? 

sorry, i'm not sure what you mean by library? you can add this twine to a public or private collection through the "Add To Collection" button on the top right of its project page (, and you should be able to download it directly from the project page as well! 

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When a game is purchased it ends up in your "My Library" section, It hasn't ended up there despite the money being drawn from my account, and I can't access its downloads. :weary: I was hoping that meant you guys were providing the download through other means, but I guess not? I'll have to message itchio about it. 

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Hi, I just bought this and I'm having issues. I'm on android and I have NO IDEA where to even begin. Haaalp!!! I got 2 other games and they just had me dl apk files from which I installed them and then just deleted the apk file. A bit more complicated with this one...

i’m not familiar with android, but this game is a .html file that you open and play in your browser - no installation required! my search just now suggests you can extract the .zip through your android’s “My Files” or through a free app; if you still have problems opening the .html, i will do my best to help 🦇

would there be a html address I need to type in? I already unzipped and extracted the files,just not sure how to get from that to opening it in a browser.

if you find the .html file on your local storage, you should be able to long press/press and hold it to open the file? you may need to download a browser app like google chrome if you don't already have one installed

K so I have Google Chrome installed, found the html file and held it, and a white page with the title pops up, aaaannnd that's it. Doesn't even  open chrome as far as I can tell. And nothing else happens

then i don't know what to do, i'm very sorry!

It keeps coming up blank every time I try to start it up?

i just tested the release version in google chrome and it worked fine, so if you are using a different browser there could be a compatibility issue!